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CoachSys An easy to use and inexpensive solution to managing your bookings and fleet


The Allocation screen allows you to allocate personnel and vehicles to the work simply and easily. The screen automatically checks for time conflicts and warns when a vehicle or person has already been assigned. By using the CoachSys maintenance program the system will also check against any inspections, services and any work that has been booked for the vehicle selected. In the same way the system also checks personnel against any absences that have been programmed in for them. Once allocated a work ticket or driver’s sheet can be produced.

Work can be produced as a work ticket which can be printed, saved as a PDF file or emailed directly to the driver and any associated personnel. With less detail the work can also be produced as a list of a driver’s allocation which cuts down on the amount of paper used.

Several reports are also available, including bookings by client, time and personnel.

With a simple click on a menu all the available vehicles and personnel for a booking can be displayed and a free person or vehicle can be selected. No longer do you have to search and work out which vehicles or personnel are available. The system will do it all for you.

To see a full size screen click on an image to the right of the text.

Allocations.jpg work ticket.jpg Driver allocation.jpg