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CoachSys An easy to use and inexpensive solution to managing your bookings and fleet


All the vehicle information is conveniently recorded on the one screen which is separated into a list of your vehicles on the left hand side and to the right are all the tabs enabling you to quickly find the correct vehicle and function.

Scroll down the screen to see the examples of each tab.

The Vehicle Details tab on the Vehicle window allows you to record all the important and unique information about your vehicles. In the Due Dates section you are able to set the period, in days, between inspections and services. You can also set the distance between services and, as long as you enter the distance of the vehicle in other parts of the system, the system will estimate the next service date. All other important due dates are also shown on this tab.

The Inspections tab on the screen allows you to enter all your vehicle inspections quickly and easily. Once an inspection is completed the next 6 inspection dates are automatically created including colour coding to show their immediacy.  The lift inspections and brake inspections tabs work in exactly the same way.

The Servicing tab lists all the services for a vehicle. This will include any due services for the vehicle which are also colour coded depending on how close they are due. Parts can be recorded against each service and shown on the screen as below.

Entering service items and their costs allows you to always know exactly how much a vehicle is costing you to run and, even more importantly, how profitable the vehicle is.

The Defects tab lists all the defects for a vehicle and comprises of three dates - the date reported and by whom, the date actioned and the date the defect was cleared. You can also include days when there were no defects by clicking on the Nil Defects icon.

Entering fuel costs in the Fuel Log tab helps you see possible difficulties as they develop rather than afterwards when they’ve happened. The costs and consumption are quickly worked out by the system, immediately pinpointing a vehicle with high fuel consumption which helps to identify a vehicle that may have a problem.

The Vehicle Tax tab is a complete record of the tax of a vehicle. It records the dates and costs of the various elements of the vehicle tax and keeps a record of when the tax is due.

The Recurring tab allows the recording of any cost which is applied to a vehicle regularly. Depending on the time scale selected the system automatically calculates the next due date.

You can keep a full record of all your MOTs and their due dates in the MOT tab.

The Tachograph tab allows the recording of your tachograph certificates. Due dates will show in the Diary window.

The Tacho Change screen is a complete record of all the tachograph changes that occur on a vehicle. It records the date, fault, work and calibration date for the vehicle’s tachograph.

The On/Off Road tab allows the recording of any period when a vehicle is off the road and the occasion when it is brought back on. Details entered here also supply information to the Diary window.

The Seatbelts tab is a complete record of a vehicle’s seatbelts. It records the date, work and any comments for the vehicle’s seatbelts.

The Speed Limiter screen is a complete record of the speed limiter on a vehicle. It records the date, fault, work and calibration date for the vehicle’s speed limiter.

The Documents tab of the system allows rapid location of files that are linked with a vehicle, no matter where they are located on the network. By using this part of the system quick retrieval of a document is possible particularly compared with a manual storage system and its propensity for documents to be lost. As well as this, the latest version of the document will always be available. Scanned documents, pictures, PDF, Excel, Word and Visio files can all be stored and quickly retrieved using this section of the system. For example, items such as MOT certificates can be scanned and stored or letters created in Word could be stored against the vehicle written about.

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The Costs tab gives an immediate snapshot of how much the vehicle is costing between two selected dates.