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CoachSys An easy to use and inexpensive solution to managing your bookings and fleet


The Workshop screen is made up of three parts. The main part is the schedule which shows, in graphical form, the start and finish of each job that is in the workshop. On the left hand side is the Due Dates panel which shows a list of all due services and inspections. Finally on the right hand side is the Details panel which shows the details and inspection/job sheet for each job.

From this screen you can create inspection sheets and job sheets which means that a workshop can be efficiently run with the opportunity for less errors to be made.

Your work flow can be managed quickly and simply within the workshop window and can be viewed over a month, a week and right down to a day view. Here you can create job and inspections sheets, record tyre details, control the flow of work and accurately manage all aspects of the operation using the calendar view.

Part of a blank inspection sheet ready to be printed and given to an engineer to carry out.

Part of an inspection sheet after details are logged into the system.

Part of a job sheet created from a vehicle inspection.