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CoachSys An easy to use and inexpensive solution to managing your bookings and fleet



CoachSys Maintenance is also fully integrated with the CoachSys private hire, contract hire and tour booking system. A diary system shows immediately any conflicts between bookings made and workshop requirements.

Our software provides defect reporting, inspection planning.

Easy to navigate.

Automatically shows due reminders at the start.

Complete workshop and stock control is available with blank inspection sheets for your engineers, job sheets for the workshop.

Create your own inspection and service sheets.


Easily show vehicles and navigate to different parts of the system.

Record vehicle details, servicing and inspections, save documents against each vehicle, show how much a vehicle is costing.

View vehicle schedules, including the next six inspections, lift inspections and services due.


As well as the individual reports that are available with each screen and tab there are also these reports that work over the whole fleet.


The system is easily managed through the Manage section on the navigator. All the lists that are used by the system can be simply maintained from here as well as the system details. The personnel section allows full record keeping of employees.