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CoachSys An easy to use and inexpensive solution to managing your bookings and fleet



Create Yard to Start and Destination to Yard legs

Find and verify addresses

Show distances and timings between start and finish positions using Google Maps

Bookings can have more than one element to them – more flexibility and simpler to create complicated work

Booking references can automatically include company initials

Booking references can automatically include leading zeros for the incrementing number part of the reference

The number of leading zeros can be determined by you

Starting number of the incremental number can be set by you

The year can be automatically added to the end of the reference

Client logs available for accurate client record keeping

Labels for tours can be printed

Easy to duplicate dates using the calendar screen

Pick Up and Set Downs can be added to multiple parts at the same time

Use postcodes to find client’s addresses from within the program (requires the purchase of data from a third party)

Build up a database of frequent addresses

Confirmation Letters

Company name can use different fonts and styles

Client name can be indented to fit window envelopes

Client name can use different fonts and sizes

Export letters to PDF format or email them to customers

Main body text can use colours

Deposits can be included and % deposits calculated in the letter from total amount of hire  

Hire details or hire details with picks ups/set downs can be selected

Colour text can be used in the main body

Confirmation templates can be easily created and edited


Pricing can be configured by vehicle type on a tabbed window

Prices can include start and destination, tab descriptions or just the price description

Pricing description can be generated from start and destination information

Pricing can be individually created for each tour

Percentage increases can be applied across entire price boundaries

Easy to apply discounts to pricing

Easy to apply single prices to all Part elements of a booking. Useful for pricing contracts


Most of the Bookings overview is relevant to the Tours.

The following are the additional items solely for tours

Itinerary can be created for each tour

Agents and their commissions can be created and added

Easy to add hotel rooms

Required room lists can be printed for sending as confirmation to hotels

Hotel rooms once added are available for further tours saving time re-entering details

Client logs available for accurate client record keeping

Print tickets and labels for luggage


Show and find all available personnel and vehicles for a job with one click

Warns when there are vehicle or personnel time conflicts

All parts of a booking shown in date and time order on a work ticket

Search for and show just one booking

Select and show in the Bookings screen

Full Work Tickets

Email Work Tickets to drivers. Allows fast responses to emergencies and changing conditions during your work day. Handy when work alters and you need to reschedule and quickly let your drivers know.

Drivers allocation report

Several schedule reports

Assign drivers and vehicles to all of a contract in one go


A full graphical representation of the allocations and bookings can be shown.


Different styles of invoice are available - Simple entry system - Export to PDF and RTF formats.

Easily create invoices and credit notes/refund. Simply click on New, select a customer, choose the items for that customer and print.

When you price work in a booking  then those prices are then available in the invoicing section. No double or triple entering of data is required. Once entered via the booking  they can be simply clicked on and entered onto an invoice.

Credits can be applied and shown on each invoice

Different invoice templates can be used.

Comments can be easily added to an invoice.

Choose the payment terms

Include any extra prices using the freeform pricing screen

Finding invoices is made easy with the Find Invoices screen. Search by client or between two dates or by reference. Show only those invoices you want to with the drop down show list.


The system  also contains a full quoting system for private hires.


The system comes with full personnel recording including licence types and dates, absences, training, document management and endorsement recording.


The system is password controlled with security permissions that allow or disallow users to enter different parts of the system